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Yahapalanaya Two Years

The Good Governance Government completed two years in office on September 4th this year. The Parliamentary Election held on August 17, 2015, almost ten months ahead of the term of the People Alliance Government headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa as President, defeated rank and file those opposed to the Good Governance concept. Mahinda Rajapaksa who dreamt creating a dynasty of his own with the passing of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was rejected by the people at the January 8th Presidential Election of the same year.

On September 4th this year, just a few days ago Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe , presented which could be aptly called the White Paper “Vision-2025, the Economic Development Plan at a special gathering with President Maithripala Sirisena co-chairing the event held at the BMICH, Colombo.

The occasion was also grace by former President Chandrika Bandranaike, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya along with the Opposition Leader R. Sambanthan nd and a number of Ambassadors and High commissioners.

The good sign was that both leaders came to the BMCH in one vehicle pointing to that they both determined to take the country forward together and once more expressed in silence what he told the editors and media heads the otherday at he President House Coffee Table irrespective of comes or who goes the Yahapalana Government will go the full term and no party ignoring the other can forma stable Government.

Both the President and Prime Minister echo the same view that the Good Governsance government is an experiment and there are both gains and shortcoming but despite that they are determined to go the full term. The Vision -2025 PrimeMinister presented at the BMICH throw the light and possibility that the Good governance Government ma go beyond year 2020 as the “White Paper” indicates the economic prosperity, equal opportunity, promise of one million more employment and country free from corruption and nepotism.

Mahinda Rajapaksa now reduced to an ordinary Member of Parliament representing Kurunegala district, far away from his little kingdom of Hambantotha, is day dreaming to capture power giving leadership to Ekabaddaya and contesting from a different political platform, while claiming that he is still the SLFP leader. Possibly now wired crossed having lost his popularity reduced and Yahapalana Government marching forward bringing all camps opposed to extreme nationalism, jaathivaadaya to work with one mind “Country First”.

In all probability enjoying two perks one as an ordinary MP and the other, the privileges entitled to a President who goes on retirement ceremoniously after the completion of the two terms, stipulated in the Democratic Socialist Republic Constitution of Sri Lanka. If he is drawing so, it would be ethically incorrect, and authorities need to look into this matter in all seriousness.

According to the Constitution the right to privileges are entitled to a President who goes on retirement with grace at the end of the two terms. The Constitution is silent as to whether a person who contests as a candidate at the Presidential Election, gets rejected by the people and defeated, is entitled to such privileges, although that candidate, had held the post of Presidency, previously.

Those now involved in drafting a New Constitution to the future Sri Lanka should spell out in clear terms on this issue, a novel experience and about which neither the 1972 nor 1978 law makers had given any thoughts.

A memorandum of understanding between the Primary Industries Ministry and the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives of Thailand was signed yesterday at a ceremony held at the ministry auditorium in Battaramulla in the presence minister Daya Gamage and Chulamanee Chartsuwan, the Thai Ambassador for Sri Lanka.

While secretary to the Primary Industries Ministry Bandula Wickremaarchchi signed the MoU on behalf of the Ministry, Apirom Sukprasert, signed on behalf of the Thailand’s bank as its chairman

Among the new Ministries that came into operation under the Good Governance Government led by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, is the Primary Industries Ministry.

This is one of the new Ministries formed or created to deal directly with the rural folk who labour hard to make a decent living involving themselves in rural industries and crop cultivation.

The task of implementing the policies enumerated by both President and Prime Minister is shared by the new Ministry enunciating, “ the creation of new employment avenues and make Sri Lanka highly competitive , globally aligned and rapidly developing economy that needs to take its rightful place, lost due to a debilitating civil war for 30 years and mismatched, mismanaged economic policies of the previous government” .

The Yahapalanaya Government has entrusted the responsibility of running this newly formed Ministry to Daya Gamage, a very new face in Sri Lanka Parliament, elected from Digamadulla district representing Ampara electorate.

The President in consultation with the Prime Minister appointing him as the Minister in charge, had placed their great trust in him as the best Man , to handle the new Ministry as he had shown his colours, capabilities as a very successful and much recognized businessman in the country, facing all challenges that came his way and brushing aside them with courage and determination all barricades and barriers.

“The broad policy objectives of this export-oriented program of the Ministry will be to: double the exports by the year 2020, expand export growth from 7 per cent to 14 per cent year-to- year and create one million jobs, by the year 2020. This will be done integrating farmers, small-scale industrialists, suppliers, and entrepreneurs into the global market economy.

The formation of the Primary Industries Ministry saw to the elevation of the rural industries and crop cultivation, gave recognition to the said sectors and impressed on the rural polity, who involves in some way, serve the country of their birth and sustain their lives, has taken steps to raise their living standards and orient their focus to go for productions, that would have a place in the world Market.

The Primary Industries Ministry is very much larger than the Small Industries Ministry formed under the First Executive President J. R. Jayawadene and S. Thondaman as the Minister. That Ministry was limited very much to small scale industries in the rural sector, but the Present Primary Industries Ministry covers a larger area and wider range of industries in addition fishing ,ornamental fish, to crop cultivations like cinnamon and Tom EJC mango, that would have a global demand.

“BIHIDORA” the organ of the New Ministry of Primary Industries, launched filling a gap in providing information to those keen to learn about the activities of the Primary Industries Ministry.

“BIHIDODA” will be a useful tool to the small scale industrialists and farmers/ crop cultivators to learn what they could do to help, increase the volume of much needed foreign exchange to Sri Lankan coppers and what benefit they could get by getting themselves involved in the gigantic task for which there is a great scope and untouched vast area to fill-in, in the international market.

A Concept Paper on Preparation of a National Primary Industries policy Framework under the title “Our journey to the international markets – strategies and tasks for the Ministry of primary Industries in clear terms spell out what the Ministry intends doing.

“To build , to protect, and grow Mother Sri Lanka by creating a welfare centric knowledge based economy, centered on the competitive social market economic model to guarantee fair benefits to the People”.

This goes well with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s ‘White Paper’ Vision 2025 – showing the path to lead the country for future prosperity.

Minister Daya Gamage taking over the Ministry observed in his first address as the Minister to his staff in 2015, that, the burden lies with his Ministry to help the Yahapalanaya Government to fulfill the election pledges made, at the election times.

He said the Government wants to provide one million jobs by the year 2020, and his Ministry is expected to help the Government realize that dream.

He expressed his hopes and confidence and placing his trust in his able Ministry staff, said that his Ministry would make every effort to do what was possible and invited each and every one rally round to make the dream come true. BIHIDORA will stand a witness to combine effort of all concerned to make Sri Lanka realize her dream.

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