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Second heart transplant patient not lucky

Nineteen-year-old Sachini Sewwandi who underwent a heart transplant at the cardio thoracic unit of the Kandy hospital on Sept 27 died on Saturday.


Sewwandi is said to have died from a bacterial infection.It was the country’s second heart transplant surgery.


The second successful heart transplant operation was carried out by a team of 20 specialist doctors at the Kandy General Hospital on September 27. The operation took nearly six hours to complete.


The beneficiary of the heart transplant, Sewwandi of Aluthgama, had been warded at the Hospital’s Cardio Thoracic Unit for nearly seven months due to a week heart.


The first ground breaking heart transplant was performed at the Kandy General Hospital on July 7 and the patient is now leading a healthy life.


The second transplant surgery was done after two and a half months after the first one.


The heart needed for the second transplant was harvested from Nalinda Bandara Sakalasuriya (28) of Haragama pronounced brain dead at the Kandy hospital Intensive Care Unit following serious injuries caused in a motorcycle accident.

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