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Road mishaps kill 10, cripple 20 daily

The National Council for Road Safety (NCRS) yesterday said a minimum of ten people were killed due to road accidents daily while 20 were rendered disabled by them.


NCRS Coordinator, G.A. Buddhika Prabath said last year (from January to December) 2910 fatal accidents had occurred causing 3,078 deaths. Of them 935 were pedestrians, 998 motorcyclists, 187 were pillion riders, 239 motorists, 423 passengers, and 289 cyclists. There were seven others killed on roads due to various other reasons.


Buddhika Prabath said that the media highlighted a large number of those accidents. A majority of those who died or crippled were low income earners. They were also the breadwinners of their families.


He said according to NCRS Chairman the main reason for road traffic accidents were reckless overtaking, speeding, disregarding road signs or being unaware of them. This had led to a drastic increase in casualties amongst motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.


The NCRS Coordinator said the NCRS had initiated a programme at the provincial level to raise awareness amongst motorcyclists and civilians of road safety.


The programme would be carried out in collaboration with Provincial Secretaries and police stations in the provinces.

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