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Public Utilities Commission puts an end to coal

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka yesterday approved a long-term generation plan for 2018-2027 sans coal, following adjustments made to proposals submitted by the Ceylon Electricity Board to reflect the cost for externalities.

The approved plans focus more on diesel with liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants and renewable energy.

“We will have to rely on diesel plants to meet the demand as they require the least time to set up,” PUCSL Director General Damitha Kumarasinghe told journalists yesterday.

The plan submitted by the CEB, which featured new coal plants, was rejected by the PUCSL as the cost was higher than the base year after adjustments for externalities were made. To base externality costs, the PUCSL used costs from a European study selecting the lowest cost scenario as there were no local studies available. One of the optional plans submitted by the CEB which featured LNG and renewable generation plants was assessed to be more suitable by comparison.

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