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Protect your eyes

The general public should wear sunglasses when they are outside to minimize damage caused by the glare and the heat to their eyes, Deputy Director of the Colombo Eye Hospital, Dr. Mohammad Rifan says.


He said: “The prevailing scorching weather can be harmful to the eyes and many people might experience a burning sensation in their eyes. Avoid travelling under the sun as much as possible and when you walk outside wear sunglasses, manufactured according to proper standards. After walking in the sun try to wash your eyes with water. Always try to maintain moisture in the eyes.”


The public is also advised to drink adequate amounts of water and to prevent children from playing in the sun.


Nutritionist of the Colombo National Hospital, Dr. Renuka Jayatissa said that a large number of people had contracted throat infections due to the prevailing weather conditions. “Those with such conditions should drink warm water and consume food with Vitamin C. Moreover, they should gargle with salt water.”


The current hot and humid weather would continue till mid-May, the Meteorological Department said yesterday, adding that intermittent showers would also occur. Duty Meteorologist S. Premathilake said.

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