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PM welcomes EC decision

The UNP has welcomed the Election Commission’s decision to hold local government elections on Feb. 10.


A media statement issued by Prime Minister’s Office said:


“The United National Party in the national government is fixing the mistakes of the past regime to build a stronger economy, because without a strong economy we cannot provide necessary funds to local governments.


“In the 2018 Budget, the UNP in the national government committed over Rs. 25 billion for all activities at the local government level next year so they can develop roads, improve local health amenities, provide clean drinking water and keep garbage off our streets.


“Only by voting for the UNP locally can you guarantee a good deal from national government for your area. And only the UNP’s carefully selected, honest and educated local candidates have the knowledge and ability to deliver for you and your family.


“This election is close and every vote counts. Don’t risk the future of your local area by voting for any other candidate or by not voting, which is effectively the same as voting for another party.


“So, at the local government elections, make sure you cast your vote for the UNP to secure development in your local area and stick with the UNP’s plan to build a stronger economy.”

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