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Secretary of Sustainable Development and Wildlife Ministry transferred

The Secretary to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife, R.M.D.B. Meegasmulla, has been transferred to the Ministry of Special Assignments, with immediate effect. Accordingly a decision is to be taken to appoint the current Secretary to the Ministry of Special Assignments, Mr. D. Nanayakkara, as the new Secretary of …

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USA recognized Jerusalem

US President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital reversing nearly seven decades of American foreign policy, foreign media reported

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Computer literacy rate in urban areas reaches 41.1%

Director General of DCS Dr. Amara Satharasinghe yesterday said that Computer Literacy rate among those in the age group of aged 5-69 years of Sri Lanka had been estimated as 28.3 percent. The Urban sector reported the highest computer literacy rate of 41.1 percent among residential sectors while computer literacy …

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