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15 hr water curt tomorrow

It is said that 15 hr water cut from 2 pm tomorrow in Rajagiriya,  Obeysekerapura, Bandaranayakepura, and all connected road s from Rajagiriya to Nawala Open University, National Water Supply and Drainage Board said

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Short term measures to reduce rising cost of living

The government  has taken steps to implement several short term measures to arrest the rising cost of living in the country ahead of the festive season. The disruption of cultivation in several seasons, due to the adverse climatic condition that prevailed has resulted in a considerable decline of food production …

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Two prisoners escape at Siyambalanduwa court

Two prisoners have reportedly escaped from the Siyambalanduwa court premises this afternoon. Police said that the inmates escaped after they were brought to the court today by prison guards to be produced before the court for a hearing. A manhunt has been launched to track down and apprehend the two …

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