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Collaborative robots to boost productivity in SL

Deploying collaborative robots that work with humans in the workplace can boost productivity, create new jobs and help expand employment opportunities of female workers in Sri Lanka, officials said. Collaborative robot (cobot) arms can lift heavy weights, do repetitive work, expand the reach of a worker and make precise placements …

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19 missing fishing boats return to shore

The 19 fishing boats that were reported missing yesterday (24) have all returned, sources say. Police stated that a complaint had been received that the boats had not arrived back as scheduled, after setting off towards the eastern seas in the early hours of yesterday. The strong wind conditions at …

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Contempt of court case against Gnanasara Thera re-fixed

The Court of Appeal, yesterday, re-fixed the date of inquiry, against the Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thera, who was summoned for contempt of court, for having disturbed the proceedings of the Magistrate’s Court of Homagama during the proceedings of the inquiry against Army Officers, suspected of having abducted Pradeep Ekneligoda.   …

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