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Opelika downtown, dating to the late 1800s, was dotted with

high quality designer replica Sandler rolled into this old railroad crossroads at a time when Opelika (Oh puh LIE kuh), and nearly every other city in America was trying to bounce back from the Great Recession. Opelika downtown, dating to the late 1800s, was dotted with vacant buildings. The city of 30,000 people needed a boost.. high quality designer replica

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aaa replica bags About 16,000 people are homeless in Chicago.The city has put another 500 beds in its 160 shelters. Officials have also made five city buses available as temporary warming shelters.The city’s more than 600 schools were closed Wednesday and Thursday because of the dangerous temperatures, affecting more than 360,000 students. The weather service is advising anyone traveling Wednesday to carry emergency supplies, including three days’ worth of food and water in case they get stranded.In Minneapolis, police hit the streets Tuesday to help those in need, CBS News correspondent DeMarco Morgan reports. aaa replica bags

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