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No further change in milk powder MRPs

Following a decision of the Cost of Living Committee dated May 1, 2018 to allow increasing of the Maximum Retail Prices (MRP) of milk powder by Rs 20.00 (for 400 grams) and Rs 50.00 (for one kilo), it has now been decided to allow for such an increase in the local market effective midnight of May 4, 2018 (The MRP of other, differently weighted milk powder packs would increase pro rata based on these rates), a government communiqué said yesterday.


The price increases are applicable only to FULL CREAM MILK POWDER and not to any other types (such as infant milk powder, non-fat milk etc.).


The increase is also applicable only to full cream milk powder manufactured (locally or overseas) on or after May 5, 2018. Therefore there shall be no increase in MRPs of any milk powders available (in the market) at present. This MRP increase, therefor,e is not applicable to any milk powders manufactured before May 5, 2018.


The recent history of allowed MRPs of one kg of milk powder has been Rs 810 (2012 May onwards), Rs 962 (from Feb-2014), Rs 810 (from Feb-2015), Rs 810 (from March-2015), Rs 810 (from July 2016), and Rs 860 (latest revision of May 4, 2018).


The permited MRP of 400 Gram milk powder packs is Rs 325 (2012 May onwards), Rs 386 (from Feb-2014), Rs 325 (from Feb-2015), Rs 325 (from March-2015), Rs 325 (from July 2016), and Rs 345 (latest revision of May 4, 2018).

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