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LinearSix launched

Founded by a team with extensive experience in financial services technology, LinearSix was set up with a singular mission – to power the digital transformation of the banking, finance and insurance sectors in this region.

“These are transformational times” said Mario Gooneratne, the founder and CEO of LinearSix. “The spread of simple, responsive and engaging experiences in other aspects of their lives are changing customer expectations of financial services. We all want speed, simplicity and more personalisation in our relationships and interactions with our financial services providers”.

“A lot of amazing technology is coming of age at just the right time for our industry” said Ishan Wijetunga, Vice President – Enterprise Architecture, LinearSix. “Tools such as machine learning, natural language processing, big data, cloud, distributed ledgers, open APIs and biometrics have the potential to radically transform this sector and help institutions build far more insightful and engaging customer experiences as well as improve cost to income ratios”.

LinearSix’s offering of best in class applications and business processes are directed at helping institutions achieve business outcomes such as customer delight and engagement, faster turnaround times, smarter use of data, and operational efficiency. At LinearSix, technology is not an end in itself. It is merely a means to an end. The company’s focus is on how technology can help its clients grow their top line, improve margins and reduce risk.

However, technology alone is not enough. Institutions also need to reboot their culture and act more like the new generation of technology companies that were born and live online. Lean thinking is also key. To get the most out of their technology investment, institutions need to think very carefully about their business processes. LinearSix helps clients maximize customer value while minimizing waste.

Gooneratne added “Although our company is relatively new, our team is not. Each of us have been in this industry for over a decade. We are working with a fantastic set of partners and are getting great traction in the market already. We already count three licensed commercial banks, a finance company and a new entrant into this sector as clients”.

“This is an exciting time to be in financial services” Gooneratne further added. “Together with our customers LinearSix is looking forward to contributing to the transformation of banking, finance and insurance in this region”.

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