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Lankan passport ranked 94

The Sri Lankan passport is ranked 94 th in the 2018 Henley and Partners Passport Index. Sri Lankans can visit 42 destinations without visas including Singapore, Indonesia and Bahamas.


The 2018 Henley and Partners Passport Index places the Japanese and Sinaporean passports in the number one position. Germany is ranked second while Denish, Finnish, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and South Korean passports are ranked third.


The Index consists of rankings of countries/ territories according to how many other countries/ territories one can travel to visa-free on a particular country/ territory’s passport. The ranking is made according to the score each country achieves in terms of numbers of other countries to which visa-free access is possible. The basis of the data consists of all countries and territories covered in the IATA database. Since not all territories issue passports, there are far fewer countries/ territories to be ranked than destination countries/ territories against which queries are made. In 2018, Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index was renamed to Henley & Partners Passport Index.

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