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Indian to grant US $ 15 million to expand ambulance service

Nationwide expansion of 1990 Suva Sariya pre-hospital care ambulance service will take effect from the first quarter of next year, while further grant of US$ 3 to 4 million from the Indian Government is expected, to build command control and training facility for 1990 emergency service in Kotte, said Deputy Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs, Dr Harsha de Silva.

He further confirmed the expansion plan which will be funded via a US$ 15 million grant from the Indian Government, adding that the expansion would take effect within January to March Next year.

“The grant will fund the purchase of additional 215 ambulances, to be added to the existing fleet of 88 ambulances.

In addition, the grant will cover the operational cost of the service in seven provinces, excluding Western and Southern provinces, for a time period of one year,” he said.

Minister Harsha added that discussions on long-term funding of the operations in these seven provinces are currently underway. The emergency care ambulance service is already in operation in Western and Southern provinces, with its operations funded by the Ministry of Health.

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