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Indian Ocean rising rapidly since 2004

Indian ocean has been rising rapidly since 2004 and the trend has been specific to a smaller stretch called the North Indian Ocean, which consists of the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and a large part of the Indian Ocean until the 5 degree South latitude, finds a recent study.


A team of oceanographers observed in a report published in the March edition of the peer-reviewed Climate Dynamics, that the North Indian Ocean sea levels actually dipped between 1993 and 2004, at about 0.3 mm per year, but after 2004, the rise was 6 mm annually and such a fluctuating trend hasn’t been observed for the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, says a news report published by The Hindu.


It says: There are two broad mechanisms at work. Heat trapped in the atmosphere due to rising sea levels makes water expand and separately, melting ice sheets begin to add water to the world’s oceans. Were you to peruse NASA’s satellite data on the average rise and fall in sea levels, it shows that the seas on average have risen 85 mm since 1993, adding about 3.5 mm annually.

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