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Foreign experts to fight bribes, corruption

The Government was mulling obtaining the assistance of external experts to carry out investigations on corruption, Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayake said over the weekend.

He said that the assistance of external experts might be needed to carry out investigations on corruption.

“There are areas where our investigators lack expertise, and they have to seek the assistance of outside parties – sometimes foreign experts,” the Minister said.

Minister was speaking at the Anti Corruption Day celebrations on Saturday.

“There are challenges that we need to overcome. I am aware that the patience of the public – especially the ones who have voted for the Government against bribery and corruption – is wearing thin. They want to see the culprits convicted and they, understandably, demand justice without delay. Our law enforcement bodies are working day in and day out, despite many a challenge, to achieve these results and fulfil the expectations of those who voted for a change on January 08, 2015,” he said

“It is important to understand that some of the major financial crimes under probe were meticulously planned and carefully executed. It requires a lot of time and hard work to trace evidence analyse them and bring the perpetrators to book,” he added.

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