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EU to support capacity building on conflict resolution

The European Union has agreed to support capacity building on conflict resolution.


The undertaking in principle was given during a meeting between a visiting European Union (EU) Parliamentary Delegation headed by Jean Lambert and Secretary, Ministry of National   Integration and Reconciliation (MoNIR) V. Sivagnanasothy. Among those present on the occasion was the EU Ambassador to Sri Lanka Tung Lai Margue.


Sivagnanasothy said that he had briefed the delegates on strategies, initiatives and progress of the governments reconciliation programme.


The MoNIR comes under the purview of President Maithripala Sirisena.


“The EU Mission commended the District Reconciliation Committee (DRC), a Cabinet approved initiative of President Sirisena in all 25 Districts, to resolve religious and ethnic tensions and formulate strategies for conflict resolution through mediation, negotiation and amicable settlement”, he noted adding that the delegation approved of the involvement of religious dignitaries in the DRC as a positive step. “They agreed in principle to extend support for capacity building on conflict resolution, especially through the DRC.”

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