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Election monitor tells government to dissolve all PC

The Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE), an election monitor in Sri Lanka has requested the President and the Prime Minister to dissolve all Provincial Councils before the 2nd of next month and immediately hold discussions with the Chief Ministers and Governors of the Provincial Councils to reach an agreement.

In a statement issued today, the election monitor says the government should not get discouraged by the opposition to the 20th Amendment and requests the government to not abandon the commendable effort it took to hold all Provincial Council elections on the same day.

“If the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, presented to postpone the elections for the Eastern, North Central and Sabaragamuwa Provincial Councils without a referendum, cannot get passed, the President and the Prime Minister without getting discouraged should look at alternative options for holding all provincial council elections on the same day,” the CaFFE said.

The election monitor points out that additional expenses and unnecessary time spent on conducting several elections and the misuse of public property could be avoided by conducting all the elections on the same day.

However, CaFFE says, as it has repeatedly emphasized, it can be done only by dissolving all the provincial councils on the same day, October 2, 2017, with the concurrence of Chief Ministers and Governors.

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