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Education Minister pledges to uplift the archeology sector

Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has pledged to uplift the country’s Archeology sector regardless of political pressures from some quarters.

Addressing an event held to mark the National Archeological Day which yesterday at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, the Minister said nearly 250,000 archaeological sites have been identified in Sri Lanka and his intention is to protect and preserve those sites without yielding into undue pressure from any political forces.

Minister Kariyawasam said that his intention is to act responsibly under the powers vested in him by the Antiquities Ordinance to conserve these valuable archaeological sites and archaeological monuments,

The Minister further said that the previous government has failed to properly preserve the important archaeological sites, and the archaeological value of some sites have been destroyed by unsuitable and improper construction of structures reconstructions at those sites.

He said there is a need for people with a good eye, an open mind, and a national conscience to protect the archeological heritage.

The Minister noted that it’s regrettable that certain people, who have taken some short-sighted decisions, attempt to hide their shortcomings by blaming the government and the subject minister.

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