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Docs reiterate there is still no contraceptive pills for males

A medical consultant yesterday stressed that western medicine was yet to discover a pill or injection which could cause permanent infertility among men or women.


Addressing the media at the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA), Consultant Physician Upul Dissanayake said that the pharmaceutical industry was researching to produce a drug which could cause temporary infertility so that could be used as a male contraceptive similar to oral contraceptive pill taken by women to control pregnancies. He said however that such a drug was yet to be discovered in western medicine.


Dr. Dissanayake said that a team of medical specialists had voluntarily come together to explode a myth which had caused concern to some members of the public.


The immediate Past President of the SLMA, Dr. Chandrika N. Wijeyaratne said some medicinal drugs used during a long period for other complications such as drugs taken for treatment of non-communicable diseases could affect the fertility as a side effect. However, such a reduction could be reversed in most instances.


She said all such drugs could only be obtained with a valid prescription from a registered medical officer. A single dose or a few doses of the medication was inadequate to cause significant changes in sperm counts or sperm function, she added.

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