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Dayasarana Poson programme this time too

The Dayasarana Development Foundation this time too, held its religious activities connected to Poson Full Moon Poya Day at Digawapi sacred area.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, deputy minister Dr. Anoma Gamage, former minister P. Dayaratne, MP Sriyani Wijewickrama were among the participants.

Devotees observed Sil under Digawapi Vihara’s chief incumbent Ven. Mahaoya Sobhitha Thera and a sermon for them was delivered by chief incumbent of Tempitiya Rajamaha Vihara Ven. Tempitiya Gnananda Thera.

Breakfast and lunch were served for the devotees who observed Sil, while a Dansel offered bread for the pilgrims to Digawapi.

Also, a distribution of milch cows to uplift the economy of Digawapi people took place.

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