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Computer literacy rate in urban areas reaches 41.1%

Director General of DCS Dr. Amara Satharasinghe yesterday said that Computer Literacy rate among those in the age group of aged 5-69 years of Sri Lanka had been estimated as 28.3 percent. The Urban sector reported the highest computer literacy rate of 41.1 percent among residential sectors while computer literacy rates of Rural and Estate sectors are 26.5 percent and 9.5 percent respectively.


Timely and accurate information on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is required government efforts and private sector investments for development of the country. Department of Census and Statistics (DCS), has conducted several surveys on computer literacy in Sri Lanka. These surveys have been conducted in 2004, 2006/07, 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016 and the DCS has released the bulletin of the latest survey conducted during first six months of 2017.


According to the findings of the survey, the computer literacy among male is 30.7 percent which is higher than that of female (26.1%). Comparing the all the age groups, those in the age between 15 – 19 years reported the highest computer literacy rate of 60.7 percent. Among educational levels, the highest computer literacy rate 71.2 percent is reported for the G.C.E. (A/L) or above level of education. The survey results further reveal that the computer literacy is very high (71.1%) among those who are literate in English language.

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