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Charges for dengue laboratory tests revised island wide

Measures have been taken to revise the charges on the diagnostic laboratory testing of dengue island wide, a government health official said.

According to the Secretary of Private Hospital Regulatory Commission Dr. Kanthi Ariyaratne, the amendments are now being implemented all over the island to regulate the charges, state run radio reported

The official has said that all relevant instructions have been sent to relevant private Hospitals and clinics by postal mail and electronically and the authorities are ensuring that the program is actually being implemented now.

According to new charges, a total blood test fee has been reduced from 510 rupees to 250 rupees. The initial blood tests to diagnose dengue have been reduced from 3000 rupees to 1000 rupees.

If there are any deviations, patients can lodge complaints with Private Hospital Regulatory Commission or Health Services Director General, and in addition, directly with the Health Ministry.

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