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Cardinal appeals to the govt not to dump garbage at Muthurajawela

Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith has appealed to the government, Colombo Municipal Council and responsible officials to stop the haphazard dumping of garbage at Muturajawela and to find a long term solution to this problem in a way that it does not cause destruction to human life and to the environment.


“I have been made to understand that the Colombo Municipal Council and some of the Government Agencies responsible in the clearing of garbage collected in the city have started to dump the garbage without any concern for the environmental damage in the Muturajawela area once again”, the Cardinal said in a statement.


What is more serious is the fact that even human body parts that are discarded from hospitals and mortuaries have been taken and dumped in Muturajawela at a place where there is water. Thus the waterways have started to experience severe pollution and it will seep into the Negombo Lagoon causing immense harm to human life in the Negombo, Jaela, Dandugama and Katunayaka areas, he said.


“It will also destroy the fishing resources in the Negombo Lagoon. Besides many have observed that this is being done haphazardly without any study of the suitability of the location for such dumping”, he warned.


As. a result of this action, the vast Muturajawela marsh, which has been gazetted under the Environmental Protection and Conservation Act, will be exposed to great danger and destruction, the Cardinal noted. “Hence, we wish to lodge our strongest protest against this action. We believe that there should be a more eco-friendly and longstanding solutions to the problem of garbage collected in the city of Colombo”.


“We cannot accept the present attitude of taking the garbage and dumping it in all kinds of places without a proper study of its ill effects and the threat to human life it would bring”, he added.

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