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ADB support for local Green Power development exceeding 200 million dollars

Country Director, Sri Lanka Resident Mission, ADB, Sri Widowati said the ADB would continue to support the Sri Lankan energy sector, to, in turn, strengthen the industrial sector, and would further support six on going projects valued at over 800 million dollars. Green Power development would exceed 200 million dollars. Additionally, importance of gender development within context of the rural sector would further enhance the need for additional infusion of funds. Funds available would be on attractive loan schemes at affordable terms.


Green Power development, renewable energy, smart grids, emerging platforms for gender empowerment and power infrastructure development, were some of the areas discussed in an ADB-led forum over two days in Galle last week.


The ADB convened discussions with energy experts, social development specialists, government officials and research / academics from Australia, Asia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.


Sri Widowati, inaugurating the discussions said presentations would include inputs on how smart grids would be applicable in the context of South East Asia. Additionally, how these systems would reduce poverty, infuse gender equality in South East Asia. More could be done within context of smart grids and energy systems. She said the ensuing discussions would be the third in the series, but the first to be held in Sri Lanka.

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