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About 8,000 cases of dengue reported weekly – Expert

Community Physician, National Dengue Control Programme (NDP), Dr Nimalka Pannilahetti yesterday said the number of dengue cases in the country from the beginning of the year to date had reached a startling 105,000 while the number of dengue deaths had topped 300.


Addressing a media workshop on ‘Dengue Prevention, Control and Management,’ held at the Government Information Department Dr Pannilahetti said that earlier approximately 500 dengue cases had been reported per week. It had increased to approximately 8,000 dengue cases being reported per week. She said that 44 per cent of them were from the Western Province.


World Health Organization (WHO) Representative to Sri Lanka, Dr Razia Pendse, said there were no drugs yet to treat dengue. The treatment being provided seeks to address dengue symptoms and complications. With climate change, more frequent and larger outbreaks of dengue were experienced globally.


She said the trend must be arrested with enhanced vector control and personal protection practices. She said the Aedes mosquito, vector for dengue, chikungunya and zika, bit throughout the day, but it was mostly active in early hours and just before sunset.

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