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‘Public servants do nothing much productive’

Public servants do nothing much productive for the country or the economy despite a massive sum is being spent to pay their salaries, says primary industries minister Daya Gamage.

He was speaking at a meeting at his ministry yesterday (07) to raise awareness among people’s representatives about the plans of his ministry.

Noting that there were around 1.1 million persons who had secured government jobs during the Rajapaksa regime, he said most tried to sabotage the development plans of the government although there were many committed and responsible officials.

He said that when compared to other ministries, the primary industries ministry has a very small staff.

Another obstacle is that decisions cannot be taken easily in the state mechanism, he said.

The minister said all his staff was being given proper training to uplift their efficiency in order to achieve the expected targets.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs will be uplifted through 1,800 projects with financial, technical assistance given with the assistance of the World Bank.

Despite the existence of required resources, the drought and the floods unfortunately affected the development plans, but that situation will not last long, he added.

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